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SmartAccess Solar panel

SmartAccess Solar

Reduce your venue’s carbon footprint with SmartAccess Solar – powering your access technology using solar energy.

The sustainable way to manage your venue

SmartAccess Solar is the ideal solution for higher-footfall sports venues looking to utilise Premium, but without the necessary power supply. Convenient, cost-effective and sustainable.

SmartAccess Solar Entry Premium Lighting Surface-mounted, the Solar system is installed close to the gate with the best exposure to sunlight. Further adjustment to the panel’s angle and rotation can

SmartAccess Solar Entry Premium Lighting  The system uses a 140aH battery, insulated from the elements to ensure running all throughout the year. The battery is replaced during each annual service.

Clubspark icon Powered by ClubSpark, a flexible and reliable entry management platform that facilitates access for players and club members alike.

SmartAccess Solar

Green energy

  Solar removes the requirement for labour-intensive mains electric cable installation

 Power your Premium system using clean energy – no need for fossil fuels. 

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