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SmartAccess Premium

SmartAccess Premium

SmartAccess Premium provides total access and lighting control, enabling the lighting to turn on automatically for the duration of the booking.

Online monitored access & lighting control

For larger multi-court and pitch venues, with higher footfall, SmartAccess Premium is the ultimate all-in-one booking, access and lighting solution.

SmartAccess Premium SmartAccess Premium is the most advanced product in the SmartAccess range.

SmartAccess Premium, Powered By ClubSpark  Powered by ClubSpark, the SmartAccess Entry system is a flexible and reliable entry management platform that facilitates access for players and club members alike.

SmartAccess Premium Entry Lighting Solar  A speedy booking process guarantees their court will be ready and accessible at the time they have booked, minimising the need for face-to-face contact with staff onsite.

SmartAccess Premium Entry Lighting Solar  Entry enables clubs and venues to harness player data for communications, access real-time stats and insights, and manage multiple venues from a single platform.

SmartAccess Premium Entry Lighting Solar It includes a built-in GSM router, cloud hosted software, bespoke custom-made-to-measure self closing gate suitable for club and park environments, with floodlighting.

SmartAccess Premium

Seamless connectivity

LED or halogen floodlights can be configured to turn on in line with the players booking when your venues are in use.

 Programmable timeframes to allow for differing warm-up and cool-down periods.

 Your lighting can be set to turn on automatically at the start of a booking, or even configured to turn on prior to a booking, and then stay on for any concurrent bookings.

Premium control

  Players can book their time slot via the ClubSpark platform, with the peace of mind that their booking is guaranteed and double-bookings will not happen.

 At the designated time slot, players can arrive at the venue and gain access by inputting their access code into the digital keypad located on the court gate.

 Reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour and all associated symptoms. 

 SmartAccess Lighting removes the hassle and inconvenience of token or switch-based lighting systems.

 Automated lighting removes the risk of energy wastage, as floodlights will only turn on when a booking begins. 

SmartAccess Premium Keypad
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