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SmartAccess - bookings, payments, membership and access


SmartAccess is the UK’s leading integrated booking & entry system for courts, pitches, tracks and stadiums.

Partnering with Clubspark, SmartAccess allows players to simply book and pay online, and receive a unique PIN number that enables access and, where required, automatically turns the venue’s lighting on and off for the duration of the booking.

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LTA - Tennis For Britain
Football Foundation
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more bookings. less hassle.

The stress-free way to manage your online bookings, payments, membership, and access.

SmartAccess Premium

The most advanced product in the range, providing total access and lighting control.

SmartAccess Entry

Entry is the perfect system for smaller venues with lower footfall and no lighting.

SmartAccess Lighting

A flexible and reliable product – ideal for venues that require lighting control only.

SmartAccess Solar

Reduce your venue’s carbon footprint by powering your access technology and floodlighting using solar energy.

Courts with SmartAccess installed:

Scheduled SmartAccess Projects For 2024:

Proud to be working with 160+ local authorities:

International Coverage

Since 2017, SmartAccess has been the pioneering sports venue booking & access platform, and is now working with over 160 local authorities, and helping secure over 750 venues across the UK.

SmartAccess continues to develop globally with installations in the US/Canada and, as of 2023, Australia too.

SmartAccess World Map
SmartAccess Map

Club Benefits:

Tick icon Efficiency: With all bookings taken online, and your access and lighting control fully automated, staff are freed up from having to administer player sessions in-person. 

Revenue icon  Increased Revenue: ClubSpark’s platform allows players to pay securely at the time of booking, streamlining your revenue whilst decreasing overheads.

Security icon Peace of Mind: Ensure the only players who have access to your courts are those who are authorised.

Home icon Retention: A user-friendly booking experience, with hassle-free access, will enhanced player satisfaction and loyalty.

Memberships: Offer member packages via ClubSpark’s secure platform.

SmartAccess Club Benefits
SmartAccess Player Benefits

Player Benefits:

24-7 icon  24/7 Accessibility: Using the online ClubSpark platform, players are able to book and securely pay for their next session at their convenience, even outside of club opening hours.

Calendar icon  Real-time Availability: The ClubSpark platform updates in real-time so players can see up-to-date court availability and open time slots.

Retention icon  Seamless Experience: With a user-friendly booking system, and easy access to the venue with unique access codes, the player experience has never been better.

Lighting iconAutomated Lighting: Floodlights will turn on prior to the session, before powering down once it’s over.

Safe icon Safety: No need for players to worry about anti-social behaviour spoiling their game. 

SmartAccess is proud to be supporting USTA with Serve Tennis